Snow Plowing

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For many city streets, snow can’t just be removed with the use of a shovel and/or snow blower. Many roads and streets are wider than your average walkway and driveway to accommodate several thousand vehicles per day; naturally, the type of device that removes the snow from roads and streets is mounted to a vehicle itself.

A snowplow is this device, mainly mounted to a vehicle like a truck for the purpose of clearing and removing snow and ice. Snow plows, as mentioned, generally clear any and all transportation routes, ensuring that drivers can get from place to place safely. Snow plows work by pushing snow, with the use of a blade, to the side or away from a road. In the case of sidewalks and other public walkways, smaller snow plowing vehicles are used to remove snow obstructing the way.

Snow plows are also known as winter service vehicles in many places that get a lot of snow each year, like the New England region. The types of vehicles outfitted with snow plows are usually pickup trucks and front end loaders; snow plowing is also used for train tracks, with the plow mounted onto a rail car to clear the snow on the tracks.

Thanks to the colder weather of New England, snow plowing in Springfield, MA is a common occurrence every year. The city itself prepares its street and roads with the use of several public snow removal services for the convenience of its residents. There’s also the option of contracting an independent snow plowing service in Springfield, MA, for cases where extra assistance is needed to clear snow from an area.

Snow plowing in Springfield, MA is primarily performed by their Department of Public Works, a collective of their city-made services that ensure the smooth operation of Springfield’s infrastructure. They mainly clear snow from the main arterial, secondaryand residential routes of the city.

The Public Works clears streets after about 3 inches of snow falls during a storm or shower;  lesser amounts of snow are treated using salt, usually on the secondary and arterial routes. The city of Springfield uses up to 180 contractors to perform snow plowing within the city, following a snow storm.

During a typical run by their snow plowing services, the main streets and roads of Springfield are cleared first, with the remaining following once the storm winds down; the service itself runs last at least twelve hours, and up to 8 hours after the snow has stopped falling.


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